Ocean 362

HOURS OF OPERATION: ROOFTOP BAR 5:00pm to CLOSE, Closed on Tuesdays & Wednesdays for August and September.


             DESIGNED for the adventure goers & food enthusiasts, chef tastings put your trust in our hands. There are no boundries as to what will be presented course to course, making for a unique  dining experience that is meant to expand your palate and celebrate the art of culinary cuisine.


            WHAT we need from you:  How many courses would you like? Any allergies, dietary restrictions or strong dislikes? Would you like one course to include dessert? The rest is up to us! 


            WINE pairing: choose the option to have us appropriately pair wine to complement every course. You will receive a 3oz pour that will be presented in accompaniment with each course. Pricing is dependent on course amount & wine pricing. 

REQUIRES a whole table participation. Any dietary restrictions will be applied to all.



340.776.0001  OR  info@ocean362.com